Speaking Engagements

Rapid Decarbonization Group offers to organizations various climate change focused presentations. Our experts provide unflinching information in accessible language on a variety of topics including:

  • Canada and the Paris Accord
  • The Global Carbon Budget
  • The Impacts of Climate Change
  • Aviation and Climate Change

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Youth Conferences

We also provide educational and entertaining presentations for youth of all ages on civic engagement and climate advocacy. Through a blend of cultural references, new technology, humour, and a comprehensive understanding of climate science, our presentations aim to engage youth on the issue and encourage them to participate in the democratic life of their community.

Our youth presentation specialist, Anthony Garoufalis-Auger, has several years experience speaking to high school and CEGEP students about climate change, and recently won a “Lieutenant Governor Youth Metal” in recognition of his work on the issue.

Order one of our youth conferences by contacting: